Edinburgh School of English Student Conference

It was a mixture of the sparkling sunshine, excited nerves and looming departure of some close friends that made the atmosphere in the Common Room so special yesterday morning. Students have been working hard for their moment to deliver to the school  presentations on aspects of health they feel passionately about. Determination to succeed was already apparent by the constant conversations this week about conference topics, everyone collecting vocabulary to add to their persuasive arsenal.
The huge variety of topics engaged our School completely as we were astounded by everything from Rafael’s terrifying food trade facts to Al-Joharah’s dream discussion. It was brilliant to see how students such as Adwa, replicated the presentation techniques she’d seen at TEDX into her own talk like a professional! Razan, enchanted her audience by discussing memory techniques whilst perfectly capturing British humour as she sarcastically mocked her peers for being so forgetful! Kalyan demonstrated just how much the students English has developed by their ability to discuss immensely complex moral topics. His presentation on Euthanasia was moving and culturally sensitive whilst showcasing how excellent his command of English has become.
Despite the many nationalities represented at  Edinburgh School of English’s conference today everyone contributed to a series of fantastic talks and debates in English. The lunch break seemed to signal a real cause for celebration, not least because everyone was ravenous from their efforts. Rather, there appeared a genuine pride in creation of our progressive little global community.

We can’t wait to hear from you all at the next one!