Learning Approach

Our courses include:

Language skills lessons to develop language competency

Each lesson is designed to concentrate on developing one of the four key skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to practise and produce new language. These lessons enable students to speak and write more accurately and become more effective communicators.

Communication skills lessons to build confidence and fluency

  • Plenary sessions

Designed to bring the students together at the start and the end of the school day. The morning plenary acts as a warm-up session, with presentations on topical news items. The afternoon plenary gives students an opportunity to reflect on the learning experience from their day.

  • Spoken Performance Workshop

Under the teacher’s guidance, students are set tasks which challenge them to develop their speaking skills across a range of different everyday situations and promote active expression in the language. There is a focus on pronunciation, presentations and debates.

  • Team Project

Each week, students work within small teams to produce and deliver a project that gives them real-life practice in presenting and formal writing. Students will also develop problem solving, collaboration, organisation and planning skills.

  • Masterclass

Each week the teacher will set individual goals for the students based on their specific language needs. With teacher guidance, students work independently to achieve their learning goals.

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