We had a Superhero visitor last week…. Gerald Richards from the Super Power Agency came in to speak to our students about his work in Edinburgh schools.  Gerald and a team of volunteers go into some of Edinburgh’s most deprived schools to run fun writing workshops, then edit and publish students’ work. Two books written by Edinburgh students under the guidance of the SPA are already on the shelves!

Some of these students come from particularly difficult backgrounds where reading and writing is the least of their worries and school can be a huge challenge. SPA want to show these students that they have hidden talent and make writing fun and rewarding. Through their mentorship they deliver hope, boost self-esteem and build higher aspirations as the students see their projects through to completion and publication.

So why did we get Gerald in to talk about his superpowers?!

To continue their work, the SPA need volunteer superheroes – and we think they just got some new ones… from among our own students here at Edinburgh School of English! These new heroes-to-be are about to discover some of their own hidden talents as they help mentor in schools as well as becoming part of an amazing volunteer community in Edinburgh.

We encourage all our students to consider volunteering as an authentic way of participating in the global community, learning life skills and of course, getting the most out of their experience with us!