Go on an adventure with your English!

Scotland is renowned for its natural beauty with dramatic landscapes and lush fields and forests – a paradise for those who like wild nature and …. adventure. For some, visiting misty Loch Ness and impressive stone castles is perfect but for others this isn’t quite enough. We want thrills, we want to experience the natural environment in a different way.

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One of our teachers, Jemima, recently ran a 10k race in Glencoe. It was pouring with rain and had been for days so the ground was a swamp. She’d got almost no sleep in her cold tent the night before, the famous Scottish midges were out and she had 350m of elevation to climb in the first half kilometre of the race. After the excruciating climb she was happy to see some downhill but it was pretty much a river with water coming from above (rain), below (bog) and sides (both). She realised she was in her element, remembering her childhood in Snowdonia, North Wales, and she loved every minute! She came in 2nd fastest female runner and 11th overall – a big surprise for her!

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It was her first race, although she’s been running for years and now she’s hooked. In September she’ll run the West Highland Way (154km) in 3 days. Why?! There’s no prize, no money, no official glory. Because she loves interacting with the land in this way. Experiencing the elements and journeying the landscape with her own body. There are so many ways you can experience Scotland other than taking tours to the famous landmarks and sights. Why not book a few days or a week of hiking in the Highlands based in Aviemore? Or what about doing a rock climbing skills course to learn something new and make new friends? If you are already an experienced hiker you could take your mountain leadership qualification in Scotland or boost your CV with a First Aid/survival skills course. All good ways to put your English into practice and continue learning while you enjoy the great outdoors!


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